About Rankraft

Technology Driven Best Digital Marketing Agency

We are not robots but, we understand the search robots and how they can be helpful to us. Our talented and well-experienced team proudly takes the responsibility of building your brand. We take an honor to make your business grow globally, regardless of its current situation. You can be a startup, a mid-size organization or even a large scale business, if you think there’s always a scope of improvement then we will do it for you.

Our awesome team builds effective digital marketing strategies to generate your goodwill in the market. You can find problem solvers, self-motivated creators, coders, designers, writers, auditors in one place.

Core Values
We believe in team work and some core values
Prior to taking the global outlook into consideration, we feel that one should be honest with oneself. Our commitments are true and accurate. Our ethics don’t allow us to cheat or create conflicts between clients and us
Building relations
Building relations is more important than building an empire. It is our understanding that there’s a lot beyond creating just clicks and impressions, which is all about being best to others in everything we do. We want to live eternal with you!
At your service
Once done with the project doesn’t mean our work is over. We are always here to assist you, help you in all walks of your life. Anytime you have any issues you can reach out to us without having any second thought. Our experts are ready to solve your problems whenever you want.
We believe that customer has full rights to know what we are actually doing for them. Our team always ensures that clients should get all the latest metrics and no steps will be taken without your acknowledgment.
How We Work?
Hear from you

First, of all, we would like to hear from you, what niche you belong to? What are your vision and mission and ways to create a brand strategy?


After discussing with you, our team will discuss among themselves like what they need to do for your project. Here, the experts and experienced will make some creative plans for you.

We will share some points regarding 'our understanding of your project.'

It will also include some suitable suggestions that you can include in your work.


Once receiving an approval from you, our team will perform research and brainstorming needed for your project. The team will surely come up with fruitful outcomes that will help your business to perform in a better way.

Campaigns and KPI’s

After collecting a good amount of required materials, we will plan some campaigns and its strategy. Deciding on how and what to do during the whole campaign, will make our work smooth.

We will also define some of the KPIs of your business so as to drive the interested audience attention to you.


All the rough work that we will use for your campaign will be shared with you so as to give you a complete idea about the work. You can suggest some other ideas or discuss what needs to be added or removed. This way both parties will be aware of things that are going to take place for the project.

Confirmation from the client

After the screening of the work, we will wait to receive a confirmation from the client, mentioning that we are good to go further. Clients are also allowed to give us feedback.

Content finalization and scheduling

Our rough work will be given a final touch to make it creditworthy. All the content will be finalized to display. Our team will schedule the content publishing time and date. Experts know which content has its best time to go in front of the world.

Execution of the campaign

Once the content is finalized and scheduled we execute the campaign accordingly so as to create awareness and buzz about your business. The constant process of posting and delivering valuable information to the visitors will never take a back seat. Clients can notice the work of execution is being carried out exactly as per their standards.

Analyzing and Reporting

After a few months (time period will be decided) we will analyze the working of a campaign and measure its result. The client will receive a full report of the campaign performance.

Why Choose Rankraft?
Our digital marketing experts have relevant experience to understand audience demands and your supply process.
We provide one of the kind SEO services to the local (Indian) and International market. You also get the campaign ideas and analysis report whenever you ask for.
We deliver the best results by ranking your website higher.
We offer services at affordable packages to make it a Win-Win situation for both the parties.
Strengthening the weakest feature of your site is our daily task
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