14 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we bring in an opportunity to set up some quick holiday marketing campaigns. Marketers get the opportunity on such holidays to experiment on popular topics and deliver messages that expand widely. We have listed down 14 ways that can influence this Valentine’s Day for marketing your brand.

#1 Two For One

As you already know, Valentine’s Day is all about couples, so try offering the “two-for-one” deal. Check if your brand can offer “buy one get one free” deal for this occasion. Write relevant content that describes this special discount and promote it all over your social media pages.

#2 Send Some Captivating Emails

Most of the businesses are already doing email marketing for their brand. If you are one of them, then have you thought about incorporating valentine’s theme in your email marketing campaign? Start with a charming subject line along with an exotic design that represents the theme of your email. You can even try using heart emojis in your subject of the body of the email. Just ensure that you don’t overuse them as this may look spammy.

#3 Tot-Up Some Romantic Flair to Your Company’s Social Media Pages

Let your followers drive into the spirit of love by adding a touch of romantic flair over your social media profiles by using theme-based cover and profile pictures. If you are already running a campaign, make sure you stick to the same theme. Or else, simply use Valentine’s Day concept for your profiles.

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#4 Build Your Own Hashtag

One of the great ways to drive engagement and create brand awareness is through hashtags. Even though the hashtag campaign might not include your brand name in it, it must be associated with your brand in some or the other ways. Before you build this hashtag, check if it is unique and never ever used by anybody, meaning you need to “own” the hashtag.

#5 Ask Your Followers to Share Their Love Stories

Find a way to connect with your audience. You can ask them to share their love stories and giveaway something special for the best story. Keep the doors open for all types of love stories like funny, romantic, emotional, etc.

#6 Terrible Date stories

Terrible or embarrassing date stories are quite popular on Quora and Reddit and they mostly get more attention as compared to that of regular ones. Even a married couple might have their memorable date story of the one that went bad. That can be either something or someone did or because some events that went wrong or maybe someone has witnessed someone’s embarrassing date. Ask your audience, if they have ever faced such instance and ask them to share.

#7 Date Night

Share some tips for couples to make this day special by highlighting appropriate products like candles, wine, flowers, dinner, etc. You can even share recipes to add up to their romantic dinner with proper ingredients. Offer a couple gift hamper for the two. Even if they can’t go out to an overly crowded place on this day, they can make use of your gift hamper and enjoy their evening.

#8 Partner With Other Business

Can you partner with any of the business that goes well with your brand? Think of the benefits you both will get with this partnership. Suppose, you have a clothing store for ladies and you decide to offer “complete couple clothing” perhaps you can tie-up with a men’s clothing store and offer a special discount for the combo (provided, the partner brand offers the same offer). The advantage of doing this is that you get some new leads from a business that isn’t your direct competitor.

#9 Valentine’s Day Contests

As mentioned earlier, running a contest on Valentine’s Day is definitely going to be beneficial for your business as well as your followers. Let that be a date night, or a buy one get one offer. Run an activity that is perfect for couples or for singles. Prepare a strategy for a contest that will create an interest within your followers and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Run an activity. Also, see to it that, your giveaways are not your product/service specific.

#10 Mobile App Push Notifications

Does your business have a mobile app? Then think of how you can send push notifications to those users about such holidays and your campaigns. Sometimes, these push notifications can be annoying to the users. So, only send push notifications when you know that they add value to them and are effective.

#11 Match Products That Works Well Together

Ever came across “frequently brought together” products and suggestions? That’s what we are talking about. Pair up two or more products that fits well with each other. For example, if you have a clothing store, simply add a piece of jewellery, sandals or a handbag that goes well with the pair of clothes and you can name them “the complete set for Valentine’s Day”

#12 Free Dinner Treat for Couples

If you run a restaurant, you must be knowing how flooded your restaurants are on this particular day. You must be thankful for these couples for choosing you. And for that purpose, you can offer a free delight along with their order. This can be in the form of:

  • A free starter, a cocktail or a dessert.

  • You can make it even more special for them by giving a pair of roses, or creating a special Valentine’s Day cake.

Step aside from the ideas like a discount voucher on their next visit. This is because the main intention is to reward your customers for choosing you on Valentine’s Day and not to encourage them to choose you again for the voucher.

If they really liked your restaurant and you did your best, your customers will visit you again.

#13 Last Minute Gift Guide

There are some last-minute gift buyers always. Extend your helping hand to those by guiding them for some last minute gift ideas. This may include any of your product/service or even some from the other sites which are not your competitors. Showcase them with a romantic-themed in your PDF, YouTube or social media posts.

#14 Think About The Singles

Not all of your audience is in a relationship and you must ensure that you don’t make them feel left out during your campaigns for Valentine’s Day. Offer a special discount to them or encourage them for finding a date. In fact, you can keep a general giveaway for all those who are in a relationship or even those who aren’t.


As a matter of fact, not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day. But the same is with Christmas, and few businesses don’t consider these holidays as a marketing opportunity. But one must understand that the holidays like these are a great chance to engage with your audience. And it’s worth to sit and plan a strategy for the events/occasions like these.