8 Expert SEO Tips for Video Marketing

Has your business introduced a video marketing campaign?

Not yet? Then you are lagging far behind as video is becoming the highly consumed digital media now. But only just producing videos won’t work. You will need to optimize that content for search engines.

If you don’t do video SEO for your business, your videos won’t rank anywhere. To make them rank on YouTube and Google, you should work on the video SEO. In case no one finds your content, then there won’t be any conversions.

You might have got an idea about video SEO basics such as using keywords and optimizing the title tag, you shouldn’t miss these expert SEO tips for videos.

Do Content Optimization for Video

Don’t work on SEO so much that it will hurt your strategy. You might have good knowledge about SEO but this is just the part of the equation. If your video content isn’t getting views then there’s no point on working on SEO? Both SEO and video content, work together for giving your brand more visibility.

When you optimize your content, it becomes “shareable” and “linkable.” Simply speaking, you will need to offer relevant and informative content that instincts people to share and encourages publishers to link to. Ensure your video is of high-quality, engaging, and valuable to the reader to get the most organic growth.

When you produce content that is optimized for sharing, you will get a superior chance of achieving results such that your video will get more authority on Google.

Don’t Miss Mobile Optimization

Today, mobile optimization is the central focus and not just a part of the video SEO. Just 2-3 years ago, mobile video viewing exceeded the desktop viewing and the gap continues to grow. It’s a fact that desktop is a key aspect of driving traffic but without mobile optimization, your SEO campaign won’t be to last.

It is not difficult to optimize videos for mobile today as it did earlier. Ensure that your website and video player are responsive to mobile display. There are many hosting services that automatically offer mobile optimization for all your content. They also, publish your videos on YouTube, Vimeo and similar platforms that are automatically optimized for mobile viewing.

Since more than half of all the digital videos are viewed on mobile devices, optimizing your native video for mobile consumption will help to increase traffic as well as improve search engine ranking.

Ensure Your Thumbnails are Optimized

Content in your thumbnail won’t rank you better on Google but thumbnails play a key role in gaining clicks. Your thumbnail should be attention-grabbing and should predict the content of video. A thumbnail is engaging when it creates eagerness among the viewers that want to know more about the video.

Features like colorful, storytelling, exciting, branded and click-baity make your thumbnails appear high-quality. If there’s a watermark on your thumbnail, it displays to the potential users that it is a professional video and will surely provide you quality content.

As thumbnail is the first thing that will be noticed by your potential audience, spending time on its optimization for getting clicks highly influences the amount of clicks received by your video.

Upload Your Video to Multiple Platforms

Don’t just focus on only self-hosting your videos. This creates a problem for several reasons. If you do it properly it can help in help boost your website SEO, so you can include a video on your landing page for improving conversions.

However, your videos should be uploaded to at least YouTube. It is because YouTube helps your videos to rank. For more exposure and improved ranking, upload or post a link to your video on all your social networks. Vimeo and Dailymotion are some other hosting platforms that too give your videos more opportunity to increase their rank.

It is a simple principle – when you upload your video at more places, Google will recognize it for more times and there are more chances of users finding it.

Keep Your Text Diversified on Different Platforms

After publishing your video on multiple platforms, don’t wait. Don’t copy and paste the same status update, title tag or video description, instead use a new one every time. Also, avoid placing all your eggs in one basket. Rather improve your chances to rank by using keywords in different versions of your video’s description.

You don’t need to type a completely new description for each platform, but you can adjust the keywords, length and calls-to-action of the text. Try using different titles and keywords and find which one works the best. For example, “SEO tips video” may be more effective as compared to “SEO tips” for ranking your video.

Create unique titles, descriptions, thumbnails, tags and so on for your videos as it will offer greater chance for ranking as per the keywords viewers use.

Don’t Miss to Add Captions

Basically, Google is a database of text so, the more text you add to your video, the more recognition you will get from search engines. Your video will get the substantial text from the captions and video transcriptions for keep you forward in your digital competition.

Scripting your videos with keywords helps in optimizing your transcriptions for search engines.
So, include as much text as you can to your video for converting it into the appropriate format that is detectable by Google, turning it into added recognition.

Select the Right Format

Many online video platforms, recommend using VideoObject Schema for optimizing your video format. With WordPress and Google tools, you can decorate the markup of your video with maximum relevant information possible.

For the best video SEO tools, search for the video formats that offer the most contextual information. Therefore, adding captions is very important to your video. When your video represents the content in a format that is understandable by the search engines, you get high change to rank.

When you use a specific video format, you give your video more authority on search engines along with adding more context to your videos.

Make Use of the Right Platform

As mentioned earlier, don’t miss to upload your videos at least to YouTube. This is because you get universal video playback, making it more convenient for both you and the viewers. Moreover, YouTube’s mobile web playback and app help in effective mobile optimization.

But, avoid using Flash for videos. It is impossible for the search engines to identify your video if it plays on Flash.

Also, many internet users get annoyed with Flash. Hence, get rid of Flash on your website completely to offer a more user-friendly experience.

Don’t use outdated platforms as they might make your videos invisible. Instead upload your videos to third-party platforms to increase your video SEO ranking.


Implementing any one tip too from this article would be worth for your business. Remember SEO mainly depends on your niche and brand and that differ for each business.

In addition, the search engine algorithms keep on changing. Don’t be scared to experiment with different SEO strategies and wait for the results.