{5 Tips} – To Improve your LinkedIn Marketing

Everyone’s getting connected to some or the other person through social media sites. Facebook and Instagram are the most used social media platforms, but, LinkedIn is also progressing steadily and now it has a user-base of over 610 million.

It’s a social media network that allows you to connect and message to the top CEO’s in the world. People from all profiles can be found on LinkedIn, and that’s the reason it is now a mandatory task to maintain your personal and company’s LinkedIn profile. Recently, we are getting many enquires for LinkedIn marketing and after explaining to clients about the importance of LinkedIn marketing, they also find it worth. We have noticed growth in our customer’s business through LinkedIn marketing. That’s why we decided to disclose the methods to improve your LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn is considered as the best platform to search for jobs and build B2B connections. Let’s find out easy tips to improve LinkedIn marketing.

1) Create And Optimize Business Page

Not creating a LinkedIn business page means, missing out global audience that can drive you leads. There’s still growth opportunity to reach the world through this social media platform.

Start with creating a company page.

It is free to start your page.

Under Work, section click on Create a Company Page +

LinkedIn company

Select the type of business you have.

LinkedIn business type

Fill the Page Identity. Also, enter the company name and upload an image.

LinkedIn Page Identity

Upload an image that showcases your business. Do not use cartoons, cats, dogs, or anything that can distract the audience. Keep the profile professional.

Now, create an About Us section that incorporates information about your brand.

LinkedIn About Us

You have to accommodate all the information within the specified characters limit.

Check if the company location, company size, website URL, and company type is entered correctly.

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2) Post Engaging And Actionable Content

Content that can answer people’s questions straight away can generate more traffic than simple content.

Cover points like what is your business, what are your USPs, product information that helps people to understand what you are.

People are interested in the information that can benefit them directly. So, you may consider special offers you are throwing on certain occasions.

Share the content in all the different methods available.

LinkedIn content

You can write an article, or simply write a post, add images or even upload videos.

LinkedIn allows you to write an article and support it with images and videos. You can also create a unique format for the article and once it is ready, just click on Publish button.

Write a catchy headline, upload eye-catching images and share the entire knowledge about the topic.

You can also share something like inspirational quotes or images that help you to connect with your network. Once people start finding interest in your profile, they will click on more information from you.

More the clicks, more are the conversions. But to gain clicks, first, you will have to come up with engaging content that brings curiosity among the audience to know about you. Also, implement action words.

For example, see the below information :

LinkedIn curosity

They have generated curiosity among the audience for their Referral Program which is also beneficial for the audience. Also, the image and colors used are very eye-catchy. Such posts can gain a large number of clicks and also, generate lead through them.

3) Individual Connections

Not every time you need to get connected to a group of people to share a message. Sometimes, a single connection with a company is all you need to get a sale. LinkedIn is aware of this fact, and thus, allows you to search for an individual with more accuracy in the results.

If you don’t find the result for what you are looking, then try putting limits like location, mutual connections, and even the company they are currently working at.

You can use the paid feature InMail to introduce yourself to message the person you are looking for.

The idea behind this is, instead of relying on others to reach to you, go and reach out to them.

4) LinkedIn Groups

One of the best ways to make connections on LinkedIn is to search for groups as per your niche and join them. LinkedIn groups contain mainly like-minded professionals from the industry. So, it’s a great platform to let people know what is happening in the world and what are you present in the market for.

These groups consist of people who started with confusing jumbling ideas and later got the right direction by interacting with some of the other experts sharing the same LinkedIn group.

When you search a group as per your interest, LinkedIn will serve you some of the good curated groups and from them make sure that you select the most active ones first.

You also have an option to discover new groups from your sector and request them to join.

LinkedIn request to join

These groups are a great source of information. You can also share your knowledge, ideas, insights or even ask questions in a group. Initiating a one-to-one conversation with a specific professional is also a good idea.

This means you get a group of professionals for free where you can build a professional relationship.

Once you think, you have created enough LinkedIn connections then you can start a LinkedIn group about your profession. Creating a group is also a good idea for those who are not able to find a group from their industry.
Owning a group makes you stand tall in your industry.

To create a group go to Work and click on Groups.

LinkedIn groups

After this, a page will pop up, where you need to fill group name, group rules, etc. You can also set the Privacy.

LinkedIn create group

You have complete authority of your group so make the most of it. Avoid being sales-focused and provide helpful information through the group.

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5) LinkedIn Paid Sales Solutions

Sales Solutions platform allows you to target, research and engage with new prospects easily.

It can accommodate any size of the sales team.

With this duty, you will be able to conduct heavy research and carry out much more customization on the business.
So if you want to win leads, then LinkedIn is the most important platform.

Conclusion :

LinkedIn has not yet been saturated like other social media platforms.

So, make use of this platform for your business before it’s too late. Being a professional platform, the possibility of getting a genuine audience through LinkedIn is higher.

Think no more, go for it!