Check the 5 Latest Social Media News for Marketers

Social Media Marketing is no doubt the best platform that increases your business’s profitability. Social media marketers always work on different strategies to produce an engaging and related activity for your business. This article will reveal 5 amazing social media news that every marketer should know to match the industry standards that can help your clients to achieve outstanding results.

Social media is the most popular online platform, having 4.2 billion users from which over 3.2 billion are daily active users.

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1. Google is working on another social network called Shoelace. Its motive is to bring together people who share the same interest through in-person activities.

The goal of this new app is to bring people together offline and build real connections. The app will ask you to add your interest so that the Shoelace can recommend a list of local events or activities that might interest you. You will also be allowed to create your event and share it with the community so that the people from the same interest can find and join you. Shoelace platform is available only in the NYC area and is invite-only for now.


2. Pinterest’s new app allows you to create and manage campaigns from your mobile device.

To set the campaign up, first, choose one pin from your business profile and create a campaign for this Pin. To set the campaign, select an automated or custom targeting option for your selected Pin, also set the daily budget and the end date to a campaign. Once your campaign gets live, you can customize it as per the reviews and also, optimize it by adjusting the budget and targeted audience. You also get an option to add your billing information that allows you to run the ads from the mobile devices. This simplifies the campaign management process, making it easy and quick for the advertisers. For now, the Mobile Ad Tool is available only in the US and is currently being rolled out globally.

3. Facebook’s search ad placement option in News Feed and Marketplace is widening its horizon to more accounts.

A small test that was carried out on December 2018 on few automotive and retail advertisers, revealed one eye-opener result, and after that Facebook has decided to expand its search ad placement to e-commerce advertisers as well. The ads will appear in search results for the queries typed by users. The only, oops moment for this is, it doesn’t allow advertisers to select keywords or phrases for these campaigns. In view, the ad format is similar to the News Feed that includes a headline, image, and a text copy. The new Facebook Search ads have opened new opportunities for advertisers, so get started with it and don’t forget to explore it more by applying it to your paid social strategy.


4. Some great updates are released by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has released some great new updates and features on their platform, and one of them is Photo Tagging. Photo Tagging was released for all users that help to recognize and connect with the new professionals.
Next update was made in the LinkedIn Messenger, where users can now record and send video messages to each other. Other updates include moving the post button to the bottom center of the screen, new post reactions feature and live video that is still in beta.

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5. Twitter redesigned its platform on the desktop for a better and simpler user experience.

One of the important changes in Twitter is in the new left-hand sidebar that directs users to all the key sections like Notifications, Explore, Bookmarks, etc. More inventions are done on the Direct Message section that has been expanded and now you can read and respond to your messages in one place. Twitter has also made it easier for users with multiple accounts, to switch from one to another via the left-hand bar.


These new updates and features can surely be useful for your online business to expand.

Haven’t yet tried any?

We hope now you will try all of them and don’t forget to tell us how they helped your business.