Top Social Media Marketing Trends for Your Business

Looking for a marketing strategy that will help you engage your current and potential customers for your social media platforms?

You are at the right place. We have listed some social media marketing trends that will enhance your social media presence and help you engage more audience.

Make sure you’re integrating these latest social media trends into your marketing strategy to expand your reach.

1. Stories

Recently, a lot of businesses have shifted to Instagram stories. The reason is that, this kind of in-the-moment is entertaining and the message is conveyed within no time. This is certainly one of the primary social media trends for your business in 2019.

With the help of Instagram stories, you can display your new products, show a live video of any current activity/event, promote your business and give a closer look at your business. This way, they will know more about your business and become familiar with your services, products and team. This will make them feel like home when they buy something from you.

The audiences like it, if you maintain transparency and this has become trendy nowadays on social media because people are keen to know the faces behind the brand. This also tells them about the genuinity of your business. So, start sharing the BTS, stories and sneak peek of your team as and when possible. Your followers will love it and also share it with their friends/followers.

This also opens an opportunity to engage with new customers. Do keep a watch on your notifications and see when users are tagging you in their posts/stories. You can even repost that content to encourage your other fans to share it. Doing this is pretty simple with the “Add to your story” feature provided by Instagram.

Now, this drives us to our next trend.

2. User-generated content

Adding content created by your fans/ followers to your social media profile is a good way to engage your followers. Be attentive about your notifications so you can use this content generated by your users for your social media platforms.

User-generated content is mostly organic.

Let’s consider an example of a cafe. If a user visits your restaurant and uploads a picture of food, ambiance, etc. and tags you in it, you can share this post on all your social media platforms and tag that user and thank him for sharing it with his followers.

85% of consumers like user-generated content and it influences them more than brand videos or photos, as claimed by Offerpop. This ultimately means that your audiences want to see other people trying on with your services before trying the products themselves.

This is true especially for the latest generation also known as “millennials” that every business wants to target.

As per a research conducted, 50% of millennials agreed that user-generated content from the product consumers does play an important role in their purchase decisions as compared to the recommendations they get from their family or friends.

3. Ads

A lot of times, your social media posts may go unnoticed. It’s important that you invest in paid ads for social media.

One of the best methods to reach new people is through paid ads. You can reach those people that are interested in your products but are not following you on social media. When you run a paid campaign, you can reach more people and draw the attention of your existing and potential customers to your business.

Make sure your ad post is visually appealing. If you are putting money behind, it should look the best. A good high-quality photo/ video is all you need to showcase about an offer, discount or an event. Also, your content should be as short as possible because not all users have time to read a long paragraph while scrolling through their timeline. Create content that will make them stop their scrolling and read your add.

4. Twitter

If you don’t have your presence on Twitter, you should create one. This will broaden your reach to new customers and spread brand awareness across multiple social media platforms.

Worried about how to use Twitter? Anything that you post on Facebook or Instagram can be posted on Twitter too. Use relevant hashtags for the content you post and make sure your content build interests of your audiences.

Here are some tips to create the best content to tweet:

  • Create your own hashtag and post it weekly at least once.
  • Tweet at least once in a day that includes specials, promotions or deals.
  • Post engaging content and ask your team members to retweet.
  • Conduct a Twitter Q&A or poll where you get inputs from your followers.
  • Retweet other users tweet to your profile.


Social media is all about using platforms that keep your audiences engaged with your brand. By using these social media trends for your business you’ll surely see good results.