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Speed up your sales cycle with email marketing. We will help you create engaging email campaigns that will drive customers to your website.
Why Email Marketing?
Although email marketing is quite an old trend but it’s still not dead. Our research shows that every internet user checks emails at least once a day. They are interested to receive emails from the brands they love but they keep up the interest only if you send them valuable content.
Some advantages of email marketing
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Low-cost marketing
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Easy to get started
  • Instant results
  • High return on investment
Here are some stats of email marketing
  • 1/3 rd of people do buy products or services from the emails they receive.
  • 9 billion of people use email applications on their mobile.
  • 91% of internet users check their inbox regularly.
  • The returns you get from the email marketing is four times the amount invested.
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Why Us for Email Campaign Services
Email Marketing Strategy

The very first footstep our team will take is determined who your target audience is, what are their interest and how to engage them. Based on this they will create an email marketing strategy for your business. While planning this strategy we will define what message should your brand represent and how to present it. Next, we will unfold when the emails need to be sent and how it will help your business to generate leads.

Lead Magnets

Don’t have enough email list? We will help you develop more lead magnets through our strategies. This includes offers, pop-ups, free guides that will encourage users to provide their email ids in return of information/offer etc. In this way, we can get more subscribers added to your email list. In short, this process will help you convert your website visitors into email subscribers.


The main objective of email marketing is to get a response from your customer so that they visit your website. We will carefully integrate call-to-actions in the emails to drive more leads to your website. This will help you convert email subscribers to website visitors and increase your website’s traffic.

Email Marketing Software

We will help you choose and implement an email marketing software/service provider. Or you can also go with our email marketing software. If you already have picked an email marketing software and need help, our team will help you set up as per your demand.

Email Newsletters

A newsletter will be designed by our email marketing experts that will represent your business. While designing this email we will ensure that we use best-practices for click-through-rates, email deliverability, conversions and open rates.

Maintaining Email List

We will also regularly maintain your email list by removing unwanted, unengaged, spam subscribers from your email list. The deliverability of your email gets affected if your email subscribers do not engage with your emails. Your emails may also land to spam folder if you have a bad list. We will audit your contacts routinely to make sure you have appropriate subscribers who are engaged.

Email Marketing Reporting

We will send you a detailed report every month to show you the performance of your email marketing campaigns. This will consist of metrics like open-rates, subscribers, click-through rates and conversions. Based on this report we will take the necessary steps to improve the results.

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Things that Makes Us Awesome
Full Service Firm
We can manage multiple email campaigns at a time. Our full service solutions help to evolve your business and plan your email marketing strategies. Our service includes increasing subscribers, create engaging newsletters and driving traffic to your website. Using our service will help you benefit you throughout each and every component of your email marketing strategy.
Risk Free Contracts
We ensure that you will be provided will high quality of work. Our email marketing solution is upheld with high-virtue and is reliable.
Budget Friendly
Our email marketing service is designed to meet any small or large businesses needs. This helps you avoid overspending on resources especially for email marketing service instead of utilizing our team specialists that will give more results.
Should I buy an email list to get started with my email marketing?

No. It is not recommended to buy an email list for your email marketing. The chances are- those subscribers will mark your emails as spam as they do not recognize you. It is better to send emails only to your existing customers or people visiting your website.

How can I build an email list organically?

Our email marketing team will help you do so. For example, we can implement pop-ups on your website that will catch the interest of your visitors and it will ask them to fill in their email addresses.

What are open rates and click-through rates?

Open rates are the percentage of people from your email list who opened an email and

click-through rates is the percentage of people who clicked one of the links in your email.

Do I need to provide the email content?

No. Our email marketing specialist will create content and design for your emails. However, if you have your content prepared already, we can use it.

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