Technical & SEO Website Audits Services

Get a complete SEO audit of your website which will help you to identify the changes that your website needs to go through in order to comply with the requirement of search engines.
What is an SEO Audit?

How would you know if your website has a matching content with other website or that your site contains broken links? If any of the above cases is true, there are higher chances of your website getting marked as spam by Google.

With the help of an SEO audit, you get a detailed overview of the status of your website and its rankings in search engines. It gives you a full report that is needed to help the betterment of your website to make it rank higher.

It is the process of thorough analysis of your website from the search engine's perspective. It inspects each and every component of the website's content, technical structure, backlink profile as well as pin down the strong and successful result of your SEO campaign.

Google has a huge list of criteria for a website's performance. In order to achieve high rankings, you need to have a search engine friendly web design and structure. Here at Rankraft, we work over complete SEO analysis and comprehensive SEO services for your website.

Why Should I Get an SEO Audit Review?

Whether you have recently set up your website or it exists since years, an SEO is a must as it helps you build a stronger online presence. It’s always better to start identifying the issues of your website from the beginning itself, so that you can start working on it and fix them immediately.

If the performance of your website is indigent you may get poor rankings and low attention. Improper website structure, little keywords or duplicate content, all this will result to backslide in reaching your target audience and leading to loss of potential, quality and low performance of the website.

With the help of an SEO audit, you can determine the flaws of your poor search engine rankings and find an effective solution to overcome those. Additionally, you will also get recommendations to improve your website rankings.

In short, an SEO audit is essential to identify your website’s weaknesses and overcome them to convert your potential leads to customers. It nails down the performance of your website in order to enhance the traffic on your website.

How it Works?
Step 1

The very first thing that we will do is get in touch with you and discuss details about your objectives and aim for marketing along with identification of your existing visitor attributes. After which we will begin with the keyword research and analysis process for your website and decide the target keywords.

Step 2

The audit process will be then started by our SEO specialists that put the limelight on four elements- technical audit, competition audit, content and backlinks audit. Then your website will be analyzed to check if it achieves the standards of SEO and checks its performance from search engine's point of view.

Step 3

Once the complete process of SEO audit is done we will send you a report document with a complete analysis of issues we have determined with suggested actions that need to be taken for its improvement. We are happy to assist you on any of your queries. If you want to have custom-built packages for monthly optimizing your website feel free to get in touch.

Affordable Website SEO Audit Plans
Points Budget SEO Audit Professional SEO Audit Premium SEO Audit
Total No. of Pages 10-100 101-500 501-1000
In-depth Website Audit
Website Performance
Device Analysis
Analytics Tool Status
Keywords Research
Content Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Backlink Profile
Broken Link Analysis
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Website SEO Audit Deliverables
Keyword Research for SEO

We do an in-depth research on keywords that includes- long tail keywords, focus key phrase, search intent. Along with related keywords and entities, keywords competition, keywords difficulty check and user intent analysis.

Technical SEO Audit

In technical SEO audit, we take care of all the aspects such as identifying crawl errors, XML sitemap status, HTTPS status code, mobile friendliness, site load time, optimize robots.txt, meta description length, checking duplicate metadata, accessibility and indexation, broken links, and schema- markup.

Backlinks Profile Audit

We perform backlink audit by finding all the links to your site, assess your backlink profile, domain and page authority analysis, check suspicious links, anchor text analysis, broken/lost backlinks, deep link ratio, backlink velocity and quantity.

Content SEO Audit

We will catalog your content assets, do a content structure analysis, keyword placement, check content uniqueness, meta tags, content navigation, topic relevancy, internal links and its structure, semantic optimization and user experience.

Competition Research

Identify your top competitors, competitors keywords, external links, ranked content, common keywords, technical analysis, indexed pages, content strategy, number of keywords ranked and content strategy.

Action Plan

An audit report without an action plan is just a simple audit report. We will give you a prioritized action plan on what you need to do to improve your SEO performance in very few days. Actionable items that can really make a huge difference.

How often should I perform a website audit?

There is no thumb rule as such. But performing a website audit once in every three months will be favorable.

How long will it take to complete the audit of my website?

It completely depends upon the size of your website. A medium sized website’s complete organic audit report can be handed over within 2-3 weeks.

What makes your website audit different from others?

We have years of experience and looking into the finest details of the website makes our service stand out from others.

Can I get an example of an SEO audit report?

SEO audit contains confidential information that is different for each client. Therefore, we cannot provide examples of our past audits done. But we can surely provide the list of elements that your audit will consist of.

What if I have queries about my SEO audit report?

Feel free to contact us at any required point of time. One of our SEO experts will help you with your question.

Is all of my information in safe hands?

Absolutely. We ensure your data remains confidential and that it will never be disclosed to any 3rd parties.

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