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Rankraft is a Social media marketing company, helping the client create and manage top-performing social media marketing services for small business to medium & Big business... At Rankraft - Social Media Marketing Agency, we manage social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin for our clients. We use relevant SMO/SMM services to help businesses create better visibility on social platforms.
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Rankraft is an Indian Social media marketing company that makes people famous and brands popular. We manage top performing social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using relevant Social Media Optimizing strategies.

We build community growth for the them who have their own content and manages their own audience base but want a proper boost to gain more followers.

We even offer Social Media Optimization for them who want us to make content for them and also to manage their marketing.

What is Social Media Promotion?

Social Media Marketing is a process to gain attention and generate interest among digital and analog world through different social networking platforms. Social media allows you to post your photos, videos, gifs, text messages or any piece of content that drives your audience towards your activities.

The world before social media was very faded like we were not able to connect to our friends living in another city, state or country. That’s why we use to wave a goodbye, with the last photo with our favorite people before leaving the place permanently. Later, we might misplace some of our such beloved things. Social media was started just with an idea to overpass this gap and now it is more beyond than just making and finding friends.

Social media platforms now enable you to advertise your ideas, thoughts, products, and services online. Through social media marketing, you can introduce your product through different channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to reach large ocean of targeted ocean.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

We work on 4 leaders of social media marketing – Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.

That doesn’t mean other platforms are not worth but these 4 have the majority number of the audience base.

As per our analytics, we have found out that people spend most of their time on either Facebook or Instagram followed by Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Hence, considering the advertisement and sales, we have decided to stick to three platforms only.

Social Media Promotion

If you are interested in designing your own posts and write your own description then we have the option for you to select the social media promotion. In this, we will publish your posts to the relevant audience that will help to generate sales for your business. Social media promotion plays a vital role in your brand promotion.The whole purpose for Social Media Optimization and Social Media Promotion is to drive traffic towards your business in order to increase your profit and ROI. Improving the ad performance will ultimately generate leads and sales.

Social Media Optimization

In social media optimization, we create beautiful and relevant posts, banners, messages supporting your products for you. You don’t have to worry about the posts created by our designers. We ensure you to give unique ideas and images for every new post. The content material right from blogs, articles to their posts for the campaign will be our responsibility.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages
Package Name Social Social Pro Social Pro+
Platforms (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) Any 2 Any 3 All
Page Setup
Cover Photo Creation
No. of Social Media Posts - Custom Creatives / Month 10 18 28
Unique content, Status copy for each post Any 4 Posts
Custom Designed Creatives
Creation of Hashtags
Network Enhancement
Group Sharing (FB) (FB)
Scheduling & Publishing
Contests & Promotions(Client Request)
Support Medium Email Email Email, Phone
Additional Paid Ads (Client Request)
Ads Design & Content Creation
Performance Report with Analytics
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Why Rankaft for Social Media Marketing Services?
Discussion about Project
Content creation
Content Sharing
Analyze the result
Discussion about Project

Once decided to choose us as your partner, we ensure you that your business is in safe hands.

First and the most important thing is to start with getting the clear idea about with whom are we actually going to work. Our experts will discuss with you - the project, its scope of improvement, and redesigning or the process to build the whole project from scratch. We will try to figure out, your idea of working, so as to decide our way of doing it. This way both the parties will be present on the same page.


The first strategy of any social media campaign is to perform a thorough research about it.

Our team will study your niche and accordingly find out the raw materials needed for the project.

We focus on finding relevant and latest updates about the niche in order to keep the project up to date during its launch. Reviewing company’s goal, mission and vision in order to find out the internal and external content is our one way of doing research.

Content creation

Once we think that we have collected enough material from our research then we start creating content. Once the plan is ready, the team start to work accordingly. Writing of phrases, creating posts and descriptions, creating info-graphics if needed is what we do.


All the rough work of content and posts will be shared with you to give an idea about how it is going to look on the digital platform. Once you give us approval, we will proceed with our further work.

Content Sharing

The created content will be shared by us on various social media platforms among the relevant and interested audience.

Analyze the result

After some days of launching a campaign or making the post live our team will analyze its working.

Like, we will find out the interested people, the click-through rate, impressions, etc.

And accordingly, the next post will be made so as to attract more people.

Why Your Business Needs Social Media?

Social Media users worldwide are increasing by almost 13% year-on-year. Now you can imagine the reach of your business.

For social media marketing of your business, you don’t need to have any special website or blog (having it would be an added advantage) to reach out to the interested audience.

Social media marketing can give your business more fans, followers from your niche. It is a great way to bond a strong relationship with your clients, customers who will like to tell their friends about you. Remember when you use to spend more on advertisement to be displayed in the newspaper, billboard, or air on the radio? The expense was too high and the result always didn’t turn out to be satisfactory. Comparatively, Social media marketing is very cost effective. It is totally your choice whether to go for paid ads or stick to free ads. That means you don’t need to spend much on your publicity!

Social media marketing makes your business really popular. All you need to do, is work on your content writing, graphics designing, and web analytics.

Social Media Marketing FAQ
Can I opt for any one service from social media optimization and promotion?

Yes, you can. We won’t make it mandatory for you to select both ie., Social Media Optimization and Social Media Promotion. But remember doing both will give you more benefit as they go hand in hand.

Do I have to provide you with innovative ideas about my posts every-time?

No, our team will do it for you. We ask for the concept on which you want to work.

Do my social media marketing needs to be consistent?

Yes, you should be very particular about your marketing strategies. A single post you publish can be a worth.

Do you provide paid and unpaid marketing?

Yes, we have both the options available.

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