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Your brand, your link. Convert your long, confusing URLs to short and easy ones with our best URL shortening tool.
Hii Fyi Best URL Shortener Tool is a free URL shortener tool that makes your link short and more relevant one. Using the short link, you can guide your audience in a proper way that lands them to your desired webpage.

Before Twitter came into existence, most of the people were not giving importance to the look of their URL.

But, later when Twitter came with the limitation of 140 characters, everyone started struggling to make their content short but useful. Twitter is loved as a social sharing platform by a large number of people, so, you cannot afford to skip it.

How to Use the HiiFyi URL Shortener?
Are you looking to shorten your URL? Then Hii.Fyi is the best free tool. Here’s how to use it:
  1. 1. Sign up yourself for the free URL shortening service.
  2. 2. Click on "URL shortener" from the dashboard.
  3. 3. Copy your lengthy link and paste it in the given text box and click shorten URL. You can simply share this shortened link across your choice of social media platform.
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URL Shortener Service
With just a single click, you can get complete stats of your URL such as the number of clicks, expiry date, etc.
Manage URLs
Managing your short URLs has never been so easy. You can add/ update or delete URLs and comments along with modifying expiry dates.
Set Expiry Date
Want your URLs to expire after a certain period? No worries, you can set expiry dates too.
Instant share
Sharing your URLs on Social media is no more a hassle. With you can instantly share your shortened URLs on all social media platforms.
Benefits of Using Hii fyi
Manageable Links

Now-a-days, professionals are much disciplined about their digital work. Messy links are not their interest. You can also see, companies are not providing their long URL for the reference. Instead, they are circulating the short one because short URL looks neat and clean, also people prefer to click on the visually appealing links.

URLs and SEO

People believe to keep the URL long from the SEO point of view because you need wordy and long SEO to rank higher in Google through SEO. Even other search engines consider the URL with keywords. This creates confusion among the users what they should do.

We think that keeping a long URL just for the SEO purpose is not a good idea. You should consider its overall influence. Thus creates short URLs that are easy to share on emails, web pages and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This also helps to increase your click-through rate.

Track your URL gives you a site analytics tool that measures the traffic generated by your site. By comparing the links those bring the useful and heavy traffic with the irrelevant traffic generating links, you can find out the relevance of the link shared by you.

Money saving tool

While doing the paid advertisements, some of the channels ask you to pay as per your characters’ count. More the characters, more you need to pay and the other way round.

So, make the URLs short that looks beautiful with your social media descriptions and also give you a professional touch.

Why Use HiiFyi URL Shortener?
In a day to day scenario, you may come across a few situations where you do not want your image/ post/ presentation to look ugly with those long URLs.
Here are some reasons why you should use our URL shortener tool:
  • HiiFyi URL shortener tool is free and user-friendly.
  • To fit in a Tweet you may need to shrink your text and URLs in it.
  • Get important insights of your URLs that are shrunk. With you can easily share URLs, view stats, set expiry date etc.
  • A short URL looks organized thus, increasing the number of chances for clicks.
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