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Performance measurement of your site. Data never lies. We will analyze the performance of your campaign, observe your website, it’s conversion rates and user activities so as to achieve the required goal.

Our Web Analytics Services
Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics shows you the traffic coming from all the channels which makes it the most important tool in digital marketing. We will set up the Google Analytics for your site in order to view and measure the impact of campaigns and advertisements you are running.

Google WebMaster Setup

We secure your site from the malware using the Google Master tool. It is an important tool to analyze how Google understands your site. As Google is a reputed company it won’t misuse your data that you are giving them to access, the information will remain confidential.

Sitemap Generation

Your website allows you to create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to all search engines, to help them crawl your site in a better way. XML sitemap is important for SEO as they make search engines to find your site’s pages so as to rank them on SERP.

Live Chat Integration

Live chat integration helps to solve customers issues on a real-time basis. Mostly, potential buyers interested in your business reaches you through the live chat and you cannot afford losing them. Thus, you get a competitive advantage by integrating live chat.

Find out what your website and user tells you
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Google Analytics

Our expert team configures Google Analytics ensuring you the right, robust and accurate data.Google Analytics shows you traffic coming from Organic search, Paid search, Backlinks, etc, so as to improve your SEO strategies.

Your website’s attractive pages: Where visitors spend more time and from which pages they disappear soon.

Visitors segmentation: Visitors location, age, gender so as to analyze and create the buzz in them.

Companies visiting your website: Which company visits your website? Is it your competitor? What information is it seeking?

Google Webmaster

Google webmaster now known as Google Search Console enables us to understand the conversation between our web pages and Google. Through the webmaster tool, Google tells us about 404 pages, crawling errors or unindexed pages, manual penalties and the presence of malware.

We help you to find out the broken links, what people are searching to land on your pages and the right way to configure the site for search engines.Also we help you to manage your products, update prices, add images and events to your site.

Our team works for you to add and remove new specials like newsletter and images.

Website Sitemap

XML sitemap leads Google to all your important web pages enabling it to find quickly the essential pages of your site. It makes sure that Google crawls all your pages even if you haven’t done proper internal linking in order to make Google understand your website structure.

HTML sitemaps acts as guidance for your visitors by providing them quick and relevant content they are searching.

We make use of Sitemap for the users when:

  • 1) Their website is large and serves heavy traffic daily.
  • 2) Thier website is new and has fewer backlinks.
  • 3) Their webpages are created dyamically.
  • 4) Their site is not well linked.
Live Chat Integration

Live chat is the most cost-effective way of customer support service. If your visitor faces any issue, gots any query or want any kind of consultation while going through your site they can directly contact via live chat. This gives your business a professional outlook and can increase your conversion rates.

Welcome message set up No one likes to wait for the support system to respond within 24-48 hours, instead they will search for the other websites and this may increase your bounce rate.

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If I can use free analytics program than why should I hire you?

First of all we would like to tell you that selecting analytics programs depends on various factors e.g., size of your business, business budgets, its strategy, etc. If you reach out to us we will explain to you what parameters we consider and how you can use that data for your business.

Then you will understand the difference between free analytics and our analytics.

Will you do any changes on our website according to your choices?

No, we won’t do it. We can suggest you the changes needed for improvement. Without your permission, we won’t perform any action on your site.

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