Want to know where exactly your visitor clicks?

We help you identify how your visitors get across your website which will help you convert visitors into a regular shopper.
What is Heatmap?
It is a graphical representation of a visitor’s behavior when he visits the website. It shows where exactly the visitor has clicked on your webpage, how long they have scrolled. All this is shown with the help of a tool that uses a system of color coding that indicates different values.
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Get every detail of what your visitor is doing on your website.
Visitor Session Recordings
Your website is not always used by the visitors as you think they should. We provide recording for visitors’ session so that you can watch how they go through your website, which section confuses them or where they spend more time. Depending on this data, you can make changes to your website flow and generate more sales.
Track user activity on your e-commerce website
Visitor Heatmaps
Get more conversions from your website by analyzing user's behavior with the help of insights provided by heatmap. Make every click worthy and show your visitors what they want to see so that they will be your customer and not only visitor.
User’s flow
Study the path your visitors are navigating while browsing your website. Are they going with the website flow that you planned? If not, optimize your user's flow using the reports.
Ecommerce Conversion Funnels
Get to know where your visitors are stepping out from your website by creating e-commerce funnels. Boost your conversion rate by optimizing your site at every stage of your funnel. Get started with it right away and lay eyes on growing your sales.
A/B Testing
Choosing a design that will generate more sales is important. Not sure which design will generate more leads and have multiple layout options? Testing different versions by showing them to different visitors will help you determine which will give more conversion rates.
Features That You Will Love
Site Search Insights
Learn what is being searched on your website by your visitors. Create a scope for adding product/ services to your business website.
Crawling Errors
Quickly take a look at the crawling errors if any on search engines like Yahoo/ Bing/ Google or devices- mobile or desktop from a single dashboard.
Automated Insights
Get complete insights automatically, of your website’s performance and track website traffic changes. Learn how your website is growing.
Days to Conversion
Improve the overall sales by tracking down the number of days a user takes to convert into a customer.
Sales Performance by User Location
See where your products are selling most. Optimize for these customers and increase conversions.
Category Performance
You can discover which categories are carrying out well and identify higher selling products in those categories.
Sales Performance by Product
Based on sales data, work on products that need to be improved or stocked up to maintain sales ratio.
Sales Performance by Traffic Sources
See which source of traffic gives you more sales. Traffic sources include search engines, social media, emails or other referrals.
Real-Time Map
Know which region’s visitor lands on your site more often and work accordingly on targeted cities.
Check Your website Day by Day Activity
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How does a heat map look?

It is a colored overlay of your website marking the areas where users have clicked.

What if I exceed my limit for pageviews?

We will provide you a grace period as we understand there might be a sudden traffic spike on your website.

How can I contact you?

You can drop us a message here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Are your subscriptions on a contract basis?

No, we give you the flexibility to upgrade/ downgrade your subscription whenever you want to.

What are the modes of payment?

We accept payments through credit card, debit card and PayPal.

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