PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Services

Get found online quickly with our pay-per-click (PPC) marketing solution. Get ahead of your competitors by adopting the fastest way to stay on top of getting more results and conversions.
What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay per click advertising is a type of online marketing service in which the promoter pays each time his ad is clicked. In short, it buys visits to your website which are not organic but paid.

Paying for each click may sound expensive but in fact, it is not. A well-designed campaign will drive targeted traffic to your website within your budget. This is because the ads will appear to your potential customers only when they search for specific product/services that are provided by you. Therefore, you will end up earning far more than what you paid for placing the add.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Services
Search Advertising
This form of advertising is the simplest one. You just have to place the ads with the targeted keywords and specify the number of clicks. This helps in increasing your website traffic and get more visitors than you are paying for. We will help you build a foolproof strategy that will drive the finest results.
Display Advertising
This type of advertising includes logos, videos, graphics, animations, etc. In a word, display advertising is a method of advertising through visuals. These ads are placed in the form of a banner, text ads or images on relevant third-party sites.
Social Media Advertising
As the name suggests, social media advertising is the form of ads placed across social media platforms to get traffic. It helps boost your brand visibility as there are billions of social media users, thus, more chances of reaching a broader audience.
Remarketing & Retargeting
Re-marketing means targeting those customers who previously have shown interest in your product/services. Your ads will be shown to those users who have visited your website in the past, while they are browsing some other web pages on the internet.
Affordable PPC Advertising Services Plans
Entry Pro Smart Plus
Minimum Contract Time 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Monthly Maintenance Fees 25% of Monthly Budget 25% of Monthly Budget 25% of Monthly Budget 25% of Monthly Budget
Google, Facebook Any One Any One Any One Both
Conversion Code Consultation
Initial Call Setup
No. of Keywords 100 150 250 350
Text Ads
Image Ads
Banner Ads
Bid Setup
Geo targeting Setup
Conversion tracking Code
Landing Page Selection
Landing Page Optimization
Creating new landing pages* 4
Ad Copy Optimization
Keyword Refinement (If Required)
Bid Refinement (If Required)
Creative Ads Development
Ad Scheduling Setup
A/B Testing
CTR Analysis
Google Analytics Setup
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Dedicated Account Manager
Phone Support
Email Support
Chat support(Gtalk,Skype,Etc)
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Benefits of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
Reach Right Customers
Brand recognition
Instant results
Budget Friendly
Reach Right Customers
PPC lets you define your exact audience including factors like keywords, location, device, etc. The ads will be shown only to the group of audience that you define. Reaching your targeted audience means greater leads and higher returns on investments.
Brand recognition
PPC plays an important role in creating brand awareness. You can aim to specifc keyword related to your business so that people searching for those keywords will see your ads frequently. As these ads will appear constantly in front of them, they will start recognizing your brand and also, will build trust among them.
Instant results
Every business’s vision is to get results but to get them faster is what they aim for. With the help of PPC, you get instant results with little marketing efforts. You only need to have a website ready and you are all set to launch your PPC campaign and start getting traffic.
Budget Friendly
There is no minimum or maximum budget compulsory for PPC. You can decide on your own budget and we can get started for an ad campaign within your budget. Also, we will give you a complete analysis of the total amount of money spent per click and total revenue generated out of it.
Best PPC Advertising Agency
Experience and skilled team
Our team of professionals are highly talented and collectively holds years of experience in this area. They are aware of all the latest online marketing trends and apply the same for our client projects. This crew consists of digital marketers, web/graphic designers, SEO specialists who make things work for your business effectively. All of them work together to plan strategies and bring desired results that provide high ROI.
Customer satisfaction
Our highest priority is customer satisfaction and that's what makes us stand out. We have a number of clients across the globe and have built a reputation among our customers. Our customers keep coming back to us for their online marketing requirements because we provide a top-notch level of online marketing services.
Performance tracking
We keep a track on your campaign's performance on a regular basis so that we can make modifications, if required. A detailed analysis helps to determine key factors and enhance current practices. This also helps build strategies for your business and increase the overall performance of your business.
Optimization & Reporting
We constantly monitor and evaluate your ad campaigns on daily basis and send you a detailed report periodically. We also optimize these campaigns so as to get better results and keep them performing at the top.
Competitive Pricing & Packages
We provide competitive pricing for effective and beneficial results for your ad campaign. Our goal is to deliver profit to our customers as much as possible for their investments and make sure that they get desired results when they choose us over other agencies.
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PPC is suitable for what type of business?

PPC is tailor-made for almost every type of business because there are internet users everywhere. Thus it makes easier for you to reach your target audience.

What is the cost-per-click for my add?

The cost-per-click will depend on your maximum amount set for bid. It can be less than that or equal to that amount.

Does PPC help in increasing my organic rankings?

No. PPC does not contribute in organic rankings. However, it does help in increasing traffic to your website.

How will you find the best keywords suitable for my business?

We will do a deep research based on your industry to find the relevant set of keywords that will trigger your ad to appear based on popular searches.

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