{Complete Guide} – Top 10 Effective Tips On Content Writing

Content writing is the main element that is used on the website, social media and blog, etc. In short, you have to write content everywhere to represent your company to visitors. You can’t even imagine your website, social media or blog post without content, though images are an effective way to communicate. But content is something that search engines understand and deliver it to the end user. If you’re new to content marketing or struggling to make people read your content then these effective 10 tips on content writing will help you to be a professional content writer.

#1. Start With Keyword Research for SEO

If you are writing an article for a global audience then make sure you’re aware what you’re writing about. Once you’re clear with your title then start focusing on keywords that can be used in your article. Before using the keywords in the article or web page, it is suggested to research the keywords as per your niche. You can use Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner tool to know the keywords that are most searched for your business in Google.

Additionally, SEO keywords’ research will help you to know that topics that Google and your target audience are searching to get a solution. It lowers down your competitors’ content strategy and you come to know your strengths and weaknesses of the business. Moreover, you can optimize your articles and content strategy as well to get traffic.

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#2. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

We add keywords in the article to make content valuable, readable and search-friendly. Therefore, try to use one or two keywords in the article or per web page.

If you target maximum keywords then you’ll face consequences like rankings will go down and your page will look like dubious and untrustworthy. This increases your bounce rate and your domain gets out from the race of gaining the top position in search engine results.

#3. Opt for Powerful Call to Action

If I ask you about your aim behind writing unique content on the web, then I might get the answer, obviously to drive traffic and conversion. And to achieve the same you need to understand what will be your call to action, and what you need to make it compelling to get maximum clicks to reach your marketing goals.

Below mentioned are the few examples of calls to action that you can incorporate in your blog post or landing page:

  • Download the resources: You can use these terms like download our free guide for more expert tips on a particular topic.
  • Subscribe to newsletter: Use attractive email subscription template, so that, users will sign up easily.
  • Offer a free demo: Offer a free demo of your service for a specific period of time.
  • Share content on social media: Promotion is the best medium to reach your target audience. Ask your visitors to share your content on their social media platforms.
  • Make a purchase: Use words like coupon code and discount on your plans to convert your visitors into customers.

#4. Hyperlink to Your Resources

If you’re writing complete new copy on the web then it’s ok, but when you’re using the reference to another website’s content, then it is necessary to hyperlink back. It’s a good gesture of saying thank you on the internet.

Learn to quote your resources, though you know it will redirect your web traffic to another website. Always select the option “open link in another window”, if you want to maintain your traffic.

#5. Give Emotional Touch to Your Content

There are several parameters that make content viral on the internet. However, an advertisement is an enormous parameter, and brand identity, right time and luck all play an important role.

If you observe the viral content then you will come to know that content which they are using consists of emotional touch to connect with the audience.

Try to cover the actual example in the article that the user usually faces while using a specific product and service. For example, write an article on how to increase the traffic on the website? Highlight tools and effective solution that bloggers can implement to increase the traffic of their website. In this article, you can talk about your experience and how you overcome those issues? This will create interest among readers and they will bookmark your article or share on their social media platforms.

#6. Write Short and Simple Content for Web

If you’re writing for web then keep in mind that you’re not writing a novel. This is because, if you write like a novel, then it will become time consuming and boring for the readers. That is why we have a separate word count for novel and articles, right? No doubt, Google encourages long article but it’s necessary to check your niche, title and content required in the article. Avoid writing unwanted content just to increase the word counts. If your title is asking for two line solution then stick to that only. In short, keep it short and simple

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#7. Buy Best SEO Tool

You will get multiple tools online that will help you to know everything right from keyword ranking, identifying new keywords, competitors’ backlinks, etc. There are some tools that bombard you with heavy data and it becomes difficult for you to reach on a conclusion. Therefore, take the advice of experts or hire a digital marketing company to assist you properly. At the initial stage, you can use these mentioned tools such as SEMrush, SpyFu, Google Analytics, CognitiveSEO, etc. You can consider these free tools of Google that are Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner and Google Webmaster.

#8. Implement Best SEO Practices

Using the same keywords constantly isn’t enough. In fact, you’re required to utilize keywords in multiple ways like in the url, H2 header, meta description and alt tags in images. If you’re a WordPress user then Yoast and All In One SEO plugin will help you to reach your goals easily. In short, try using content on various places to get maximum reach.

#9. Don’t Forget Internal Linking

Many SEO professionals know the importance of internal linking. However, linking to other pages will boost SEO, increase visibility and session time on the article. If you’re new to blogging then don’t forget to do internal linking. On other hands, if you already have a blog then check all the posts of your blog and update the links for effective navigation on the website.

#10. Focus on Action in Content Writing

Being a content writer, your content should be powerful, direct and impressive. To implement this, your sentence framing, word choice and style need that much quality to create your presence into readers mind.
Let’s learn some writing tips: Avoid using a passive voice. The passive voice is needed when you want to rotate the subject and object in a sentence. Instead of “I write a letter” you have “A letter is written by me”.

From the above the example, the second sentence is somehow less impressive even though it comprises the word ‘letter’. This is because the active voice gives value to the action with “the letter written”. In the passive voice, the letter is the subject. The agent – ‘I or me’ performed the action is used afterwards using the prepositional phrase ‘by me’. It is similar to an afterthought.

As I discussed above, being a content writer, you should utilize unique and exciting verbs to get more readers. Learn to vary your sentence style and try using short, simple and to the point sentences.


Learning content writing is the tough job but once you become an expert then you will nail all the challenges and opportunities. So, try your luck and give your best to reach to the audience globally via content writing.