Making App Store Keyword Optimization Easy

Is app making your favorite job?

Do you want to create a special app that can break all the records till now?

We are sure that you will succeed in your task, but how would you make it possible?

Definitely, you want more people to reach your app and install it, isn’t it?

So after investing your time and hard work in creating an app, the next step comes is, its launching.
As per the study carried out by Statista, it is found that there are about 2.7 million apps present on Google Play Store.

Apple’s app store has nearly 1.8 million apps.

Can you see the competition?

But getting an app on the Play Store is not the real struggle, instead, it is getting the app installed on different devices.

For making this app popular, marketing is very important that can save your app from getting lost in this app store forest.

App Store Keyword Optimization is one of the best ways to save your app from dying by using the marketing process. It organically tries to attract your potential audience’s attention by getting display on their front.

Similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization ), ASO (App Store Optimization) also revolves around the keywords present in your app. ASO improves your app rankings and visibility in the app stores.

Why App Store Keywords Optimization is Important?

By now, you might have understood that optimization is vital for your app. Let’s see how it can help you :

• It increases your app’s ranking in app stores.

• It improves your app reviews and ratings.

• It boosts brand exposure even when new apps get discovered.

• It encourages your audience to download, install and in-app purchase.

• It increases audience engagement and conversions.

• It helps in driving more revenue.

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Make The Right Choice Of App Store Keywords

Right ChoicesIf you want to enjoy the limelight from the crowd of thousands of apps available, you need to select the right keywords for your app. Leading in the organic search results can increase your sales from about 65% of the present sale.

It is found that people are more likely to search the terms while seeing for an app without referring any add, company and cost of the app.

This is an opportunity for all small and big companies, as they can start their journey at any point of time. Optimization is very helpful if you don’t want to spend huge amount on advertisement.



Methods To Find The Right Keywords For Your App

Logically it is better to be found in 1000 searches rather than in 100 searches so that at least half of the searchers will install your app. Here are the steps to find keywords :

1. Brainstorming

You know your app better than anyone else. Make a list of all the keywords that you think can be used by users to search your app. There is no right or wrong concept in it.

Note down as many possibilities as possible for keywords. Validate them with the help of ASO tool to filter out the best one.

If you fall short of keyword ideas then enter related searches in the app stores and it will suggest some keywords, you can take the best from them.


2. Think From Users Perception While Searching For Keywords

Your audience and users are the ones for whom you have developed an app, thus, it is necessary to consider their views.

Think for the keyword options that you as a user would use for searching your app.

Ask your friends and family members how will they search the particular app, as every user has a different kind of thinking and you need to consider them all.

Perform short surveys by asking questions related to your app. Do the qualitative and quantitative research around your core market.

3. Study Competitors Behavior

CompetitorsInstead of always starting a new method it is better to just make the improvements in what you already have.

Find out the good and bad about you and your competitors to decide how you can get better.

Reach out to the ASO expert who can help you to better understand your competitors that are ranking in the app store search.

Gather all the data and use it according to your strategies while creating app store keyword analysis.


4. Use Different Tools To Validate Your Data

Once the keyword list is made, the next step comes is to analyze the traffic and ranking score of keywords and phrases.

Make a note that different tools provide different results for the same keywords that might confuse you about your choices. But the solution for this is to validate your data in the two most highly used app stores i.e. Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

As these two have a huge audience base and after that consider other platforms.

To reduce your workload, you can seek help from an app store optimization company.

Once you have filtered all the keywords for the app, you can proceed with the integration.

How To Integrate Your App Store Keywords?

Every app store has its own set of characteristics and methods to integrate keywords into it. Google play store allows you to incorporate the keywords inside the content itself.

Whereas, Apple app store has a separate field for the keywords.

# Incorporating Keywords to Google Store

You can optimize the app in the Google Store by using the following factors :
• Title
• Short Description
• Developer Name
• Description
• Icons
• Screenshots
• Featured Graphics
• Promo Videos

App title or name can accommodate up to 50 characters and you can use keywords in them. Try to use a short brand name which is easy to understand and insert necessary keyword only.

If you want to focus on the local audience then keep the keywords limited to a particular location. And if you want to release an app globally then research keywords in each language as it can be searched in multiple languages.

1. Optimize URL with Keyword in the Google Play Store

Making use of keywords in URL improves the ranking of your app. It also boosts SEO as Google Play store also considers backlinks as one of the ranking factors.

2. Use Developer Name as a Keyword

For some companies, it is not mandatory to place developers name as they are identified by the brand name itself. And where the company name is not important, you can incorporate keywords at that place which highly impacts your traffic and app installs.

To free games

From the above example, you can see, when you search for “top free games” in Google Play Store, 3 developers have their name related to the keyword.

Same can be done while writing a description for the app.

# Incorporating Keywords to Apple Store

You can optimize the app in the Apple Store by using the following factors :
• App Name
• Icons
• Subtitle
• App Previews
• Screenshots
• Descriptions
• Promotional Text
• What’s New
• Keywords
• Categories

1. Optimize your Top Keywords into the Apple App Name

Don’t do the keyword stuffing and insert the important keyword in app name. This increases organic downloads by 10%.

2. Optimize Keywords in the App Store Subtitle

Subtitles are short phrases that are visible under your title and app icon. Those have been introduced in IOS 11 and is only available on the Apple app store. You can write upto 30 characters in the subtitle section and insert a call to action button that will convince people to install your app.

3. Optimize Keywords in the App Store Descriptions

As per the Apple guidelines, the description should not be used for incorporating keywords. But still, you can write something related and relevant to users.

Make sure you write an attractive first phrase. This phrase has the potential to grab people’s attention as it can be seen without clicking on the “Read more” button. The length of the short description can only be 252 characters.

4. Optimize App Store Keywords Field

Apple has simplified the process of keyword optimization by providing a special space for the App Store Keyword field.

In the space, you can accommodate keywords representing your app. These keywords need to be separated by commas.

Use all the 100 characters available in the keyword field.

After optimizing keywords in these top play stores observe the results and accordingly target other play stores like Amazon App Store, Windows Store, F-Droid , etc.

Last But Not The Least

App store keyword optimization is a cost effective and audience effective way to keep your app listing in the top searches. Always remember to keep your content fresh with the content you are using. Avoid keyword stuffing as much as possible and make the content look natural.
Good luck with your keyword optimization!