Does Digital Marketing Always Wins?

From time to time we need to give a bit of inspiration to our business activities either online or offline to shape them in a better way. We need to gather new ideas, strategies, plans, and paths to make it one of a kind. Digital Marketing has become an important vertical for the growth of your business and one day all of us will need to participate in this huge league to stay ahead of our competitions. Digital advertising is now a new marketing type and is the fastest growing channel which doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. There has always been no/yes statements made on various forms of digital marketing while planning the budget. But, if you ask me, I would suggest one should spend more on it then the traditional marketing. In-fact, digital marketing doesn’t cost you as high as any other traditional forms of marketing like television, radio, billboard advertisements, etc. Only paid advertisement is a segment where you need to pay continuously. This is the first reason where digital marketing wins.

While planning any marketing strategy you must consider its location. Previously, this was the limitation as you were not able to reach to all your interested audience, that’s why you remained unheard to most of the people. But, now you can see most of the audience has access to the internet and is online on one or the other digital channel. That means you have found a way to your targeted audience and reaching them depends on your digital marketing strategies.

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While other marketers force themselves to push resources to people by meeting them, digital marketing doesn’t need you to be at clients’ place when they don’t even need you. So make sure to split the budget skillfully between traditional and digital marketing. Today, the average number of consumers performs products, services, solutions, and companies research on the internet before making a final purchase. This is the easiest way to do and also doesn’t consume more time. In short, I’ll always say that digital marketing wins over traditional marketing. Some of the reasons for this statement are :

1. Targeting


Effective and powerful advertising is the one that often understands its audience and targets them only. Television, radio or billboard advertisements are targeted by a demographic section. So the reach of these ads is not huge as they can be reached only to the people those can access them. In traditional marketing, the ads will be shown within some time frame or on the particular section of newspaper and magazine, which don’t always grab your audience attention.

Whereas, in digital marketing, you can determine a specific geographic region to target your local or global audience. It allows you to approach even to those people that are not your previous clients or customers and goes beyond possibilities to make your mark on them. In digital marketing, you can tailor your targeted audience to fit your objective, rather than just getting displayed on TV shows and magazines.

• The survey has found that – since January 2018, each day more than one million people come to the internet for the first time.
• Till now there are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, which is an increase of 366 million (2%) compared to January 2018.
• The new generation is found preferring the internet over television.

The reach on the internet is massive, only if you cover half of the market presence online. Technology is currently driving strong results in the digital marketing sphere which soon will leave other traditional marketing far behind of it.

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2. Tracking


When you run any campaign using traditional marketing channels you won’t know how many of your targeted audience saw those ads, how many of them engaged with the ad, or how many of them went a step forward to make a purchase.
These types of measurements are very difficult for the newspaper or television ads because it is very uncertain that the ads reaching to 4 homes may or may not be seen by all of them. The number can be more or less, but exactly how much we cannot pretend it.

Whereas, digital marketers play with such numbers. They can find the exact number of visibility for your advertisement campaign and can also find out if it is working well or not. There is clear visibility of the ongoing project which helps to determine quickly the direction that is required for the advertisement.

3. Customizing


In traditional marketing methods, once the ad is created and displayed on different channels it is nearly impossible to make changes in it. Once the ad gets circulated in the newspaper you cannot edit it. The small mistakes cannot be modified and to make the further changes you have to stop the campaign in between, make the changes and do it all over again.

Whereas in digital marketing, you can easily perform changes and customize it as per your wants in the on-going projects. You don’t need to suspend the whole project and do it over again. Digital marketing is a flexible way to reach to your audience through advertisements. As we have seen you can measure your on-going camping results. This also helps you to make the changes accordingly. Like for example, while running a camping, if you find that people from a specific region are responding positively to your ad, then immediately make some changes in the ad (put some discount or offer) to attract those people to make a purchase. While in traditional marketing you cannot make such changes. This is another benefit of digital marketing.

4. Cost Effective

Cost Effective

One of the most exciting things about digital marketing is the tools that help to grow small and medium-size businesses. Traditional marketing via television, tradeshows or print requires large investments. Major brands and organizations have large marketing budgets to work on these strategies but for the small business owner, this may not be always a feasible option. Whereas digital marketing helps to gain more in fewer budgets through online campaigns by targeting accurate audience.



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5. Driving Sales

Driving Sales

The purpose of digital marketing is increasing the business presence and generating leads that can further be converted. By delivering the right message to the right people and at the right time, a website can gain a few clicks on the website. Short time offers, seasonal products, etc can be highlighted quickly through digital marketing which helps in generating sales.


Make the most of your strategy :

Digital marketing makes it possible to inform, advise and convince your audience. It is more of a pull marketing rather than pushing your sales objectives on your audience. Also, it helps to focus on the elements that are more important for your customers.
Creating and planning strategies, and investing money on it needs so much of your effort, and to make the most of it digital marketing is the best option over traditional marketing.
As per my view: Yes! Digital Marketing Always Wins.