Why Google My Business Is So Important?

Over 3.5 billion users make a search using Google on a daily basis, which is 70% of the overall internet searches. For any business, it is important to be on Google’s first page. But being on top of search results can boost your sales rapidly. This is the perfect opportunity for business owners to generate organic traffic.

Gone are the days when people would find information from the phone books, everyone wants information without any delay. Nowadays, this information can be obtained quickly with a Google search.

Your business website will provide all the information like address, contact details, working hours, photos, reviews, etc.

Ever thought about making all this information available to the users, even before he visits your website?

What is Google My Business?

Google my business (GMB) is a local business listing that Google offers to every business. The information displayed on Google is based on the user’s location so as to provide the best possible result. This makes the search experience better and precise for the users.

60% of all clicks are from the top 3 results while 80% of consumers won’t look beyond the first page of Google. GMB lets your business information to be displayed before that first search result.

If used correctly, GMB is a robust tool for diverting consumers your way. GMB allows every business owner the opportunity of achieving an important listing. This listing will help you appear on many Google searches and in a lot of different ways.

If somebody will search on Google with your business name, the GMB will be displayed near the top search result. It displays all the key information to your potential customers as below:

The Google search query here was: Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor. When a user runs locality specific search the listings will change. For example, if someone searches for “Ice cream in Florida” Google my listings will be displayed on the top of the page.

The user gets complete information about a business without even clicking anywhere. As you can see in the above screenshot, all the important information such as business name, ratings, opening/ closing hours, address, etc is displayed. With such a position on Google’s first page, these three businesses also called as the “three pack” on top are going to receive the benefits.

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The Importance of GMB for Your Business

Creating your presence on Google can make or break your business. Entering into the three pack on the listing of GMB can drive a lot of traffic on your website. Taking advantage of GMB will take your business to new heights.

Local Searches

Your organic traffic will increase once you start appearing in the local search area. These local searches are mostly done from mobile. Most of the consumers use their mobile devices to simplify their decision-making process.

Research shows that 50% of users that perform a local search from their smartphone visits the store within a day.

It’s not possible that the GMB listing will get ignored when searching from mobile devices. Customers will more likely trust your business if you have a strong local presence on Google. Maximum of the customer base will be generated from the local population.

Get Found Easily

Google my business plays a very important role in getting you most of the organic traffic. Having a name, address and phone number properly displayed, will be advantageous in getting more visitors.

GMB also displays the images of your business and your audience can reach your business using maps. This is truly helpful as this lets them plan a visit to your business.

The audiences have become habitual to seeing the GMB listings, the address and reviews put on remarkable credibility to your business.

Prominent Reviews

Your business reviews are the blood of your business. Before buying a product 85% of consumers check the online reviews and consider it as a personal recommendation. Right from deciding what to eat, or which place to stay in, consumers will go through the reviews first.

The GMB shows the reviews by customers which are given by them on the scale of five. A good average review score will boost your Google rankings and will increase the chances of ranking into the ‘three pack’.

Google my business encourages collecting feedback from customers. It is also important that you reply to those reviews- no matter if they are positive or negative reviews. As a business owner, your replies to those feedbacks play a crucial role in consumer’s decision.


Your competitors might already have their listings on GMB and if you are missing out you are one step behind them.

It can also be beneficial if your competitors are not yet listed on GMB. You can take advantage of it and grab the attention of the potential customers towards your business. This way you will get more visibility as your customers will see your name first if you are listed on GMB.

Consumer Behavior Insights

You will get in-depth and useful data about the behavior of your customers. This will help you analyze the information that they are looking for.

GMB provides info on:

  • User actions on your listings. Whether they are clicking on your site, calling you, browsing pics, trying to reach your destination, etc.
  • The location of your visitors.
  • The way in which customers discover your business, direct or searches.
  • How your audiences are discovering your listings: through maps, via Google or location-based search.

GMB is For You

Building a strong presence digitally will help you reach audiences that are searching for your product/ service. GMB lets you display all your important information which is easily accessible to your visitors instantly.

GMB creates a valuable impact on your website’s SEO and it gives you the opportunity to tell about your business from the search engines. It also provides important insights into the behavior of your consumers and builds engagements through their feedbacks.

To conclude, we can say that GMB can increase your organic traffic and ultimately your business revenue. Thus, ever business should have their name listed on Google my business.